We live in unique, extremely demanding and challenging, but equally exciting times.

Most of the old signposts and traditional authorities have been eroding rapidly, if they have not already crumbled, be it from the omniscient priest, schoolteacher or M.D. to even the respected scientist who supposedly is not weighed down by tradition or some kind of doctrine. So more and more people feel directionless, which is why our consumer society is having such a heyday selling innumerable distractions which enable people to temporarily (because sooner or later life always catches up with us) evade reality, evade a certain inner emptiness or the need for some clear direction in our lives so as to navigate the labyrinth of our modern world’s claims, demands and siren songs.

But because we live in an infinitely benevolent universe that is constantly conspiring for our good, be it as a race or as individuals, this universe is providing us with new signposts and star-bearers. Mariel Forde Clarke is one of them. She is one of the numerous new light-bearers that are cropping up around us to help us on our way and to offer the much needed new signposts to replace the old ones that are reeling or already gone.

It has been my privilege to count Mariel as one of my very dear and trusted friends since we first met many years ago at a workshop I ran in England, and later at workshops she organized for me with a friend in Ireland. She is a totally luminous personality, a lighthouse set on the hill, offering guidance and wisdom to many seekers of all backgrounds. Her work in the angelic field has brought solace and comfort, guidance and strength to many seekers and will I am sure continue to do so through this new website.

Being in the company of Mariel is like sitting in a flower-covered meadow in the spring next to a dancing, bubbling, singing stream.
She is the very essence of love, unconditional goodness and deep caring. Her integrity – for me the most fundamental human quality with love – is rock solid, and her love just flows and bathes those who come into her presence.

The British writer Hugh Schonfield coined the term “Servant nation” shortly before the last war to describe a group of people who saw themselves first as world servants. Mariel is one of that growing nation of world servants the universe is birthing to help us through this transitory stage in our evolution. I wish her the very best on her journey.

Pierre Pradervand
Author of The Gentle Art of Blessing

I have known Mariel Forde Clarke for many years as both a client and a qualified spiritual healer and I am delighted to write a testimonial for her.

As a spiritual healer Mariel is exceptionally knowledgeable of a huge number of techniques relating to her calling. She is truly gifted in areas of perception, understanding, communication and application in relation to all areas of spiritual healing, holistic therapies and Celtic wisdom. The radiance of her loving nature is astounding, she really is the type of person you want to have faith in.

As a client of hers I have experienced her abilities to carry out her inter-dimensional work and spiritual connection, my experience has been both fulfilling and profound. I have been so impressed that I have referred patients of mine to her and the feedback from them has been astounding and amazing to the point that their transformation has been life changing.

I have no hesitation in referring people to her, I know they will be looked after with love and dedication.

Thank you Mariel, for being you.

Dr. Glenn Worthington-Eyre D.C. (Chiropractor)

I have known Mariel Forde Clarke as a teacher and Spiritual Counsellor for many years.

It’s been very special for me to experience the overwhelming healing power that her workshops bring to the individual.

Mariel has a unique style of relating that encourages openness and sharing in a holistic manner.

Many of my referrals to Mariel have turned their lives around because of her authentic goodness.   She is a very special lady.”


Dave Barry, Counsellor and Psychotherapist (IACP), Certified SHEN Therapist (ISTA) and Pranic Psychotherapist.

Mariel Forde Clarke is an incredibly gifted, knowledgeable and powerful healer who is grounded in honesty, integrity and authenticity. Her ability to engage and connect with people on a very meaningful level is a rare talent. Mariel’s genuine interest and care for all she works with is unique. Mariel is a rare gem and an absolute pleasure to encounter”.


 – Olivia O’ Reilly, Business Consultant

Mariel Forde Clarke is an Important teacher and wonderful healer bearing a valuable message about the power of the Soul. Mariel’s knowledge and wisdoms has deeply influenced my life on a personal level. It’s a privilege to know her.

Dr . Flory Daniels. Consultant Medical Physician.

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