Mariel Forde Clarke is a Spiritual Teacher and Holistic Counsellor, holds MSc, Human Resource Management & Training. Master Teacher Trainer of Diana Cooper Foundation, London, Qualified Angel Ascension & Golden Atlantis. Crystal Light Academy London.  Master Teacher I.E.T. Centre of Being, U.S.A.

Mariel has a great respect for her client’s spiritual and creative dimensions, which encompass the mind, body, soul and emotions. By offering a blend of mainstream and holistic interventions, clients have the opportunity to harness the innate power and wisdom they were born with.

With a private practice in Oranmore, Co. Galway, Mariel offers professional and confidential holistic counselling for adults experiencing anxiety, depression, grief & loss, difficult life transitions, past trauma, stress, and low self-esteem. Each individual session is held within a sacred and confidential setting for the client. 

Mariel facilitates the process of healing through the use of varied healing modalities.


Mariel helps clients to:

– Regain a sense of wellbeing, emotional freedom and life-purpose

– Reduce and regulate anxiety

– Improve personal relationships

– Work with fear and stress management

– Explore the meaning of your life’s  journey and how you can use this knowledge to break habitual patterns of behaviour

– Understand how your emotions impact on yourself and on others, with an aim to achieve emotional freedom