We live in unique, extremely demanding and challenging, but equally exciting times.

Most of the old signposts and traditional authorities have been eroding rapidly, if they have not already crumbled, be it from the omniscient priest, schoolteacher or M.D. to even the respected scientist who supposedly is not weighed down by tradition or some kind of doctrine. So more and more people feel directionless, which is why our consumer society is having such a heyday selling innumerable distractions which enable people to temporarily (because sooner or later life always catches up with us) evade reality, evade a certain inner emptiness or the need for some clear direction in our lives so as to navigate the labyrinth of our modern world’s claims, demands and siren songs.

But because we live in an infinitely benevolent universe that is constantly conspiring for our good, be it as a race or as individuals, this universe is providing us with new signposts and star-bearers. Mariel Forde Clarke is one of them. She is one of the numerous new light-bearers that are cropping up around us to help us on our way and to offer the much needed new signposts to replace the old ones that are reeling or already gone.

It has been my privilege to count Mariel as one of my very dear and trusted friends since we first met many years ago at a workshop I ran in England, and later at workshops she organized for me with a friend in Ireland. She is a totally luminous personality, a lighthouse set on the hill, offering guidance and wisdom to many seekers of all backgrounds. Her work in the angelic field has brought solace and comfort, guidance and strength to many seekers and will I am sure continue to do so through this new website.

Being in the company of Mariel is like sitting in a flower-covered meadow in the spring next to a dancing, bubbling, singing stream.
She is the very essence of love, unconditional goodness and deep caring. Her integrity – for me the most fundamental human quality with love – is rock solid, and her love just flows and bathes those who come into her presence.

The British writer Hugh Schonfield coined the term “Servant nation” shortly before the last war to describe a group of people who saw themselves first as world servants. Mariel is one of that growing nation of world servants the universe is birthing to help us through this transitory stage in our evolution. I wish her the very best on her journey.

Pierre Pradervand
Author of The Gentle Art of Blessing

I have known Mariel Forde Clarke for many years as both a client and a qualified spiritual healer and I am delighted to write a testimonial for her.

As a spiritual healer Mariel is exceptionally knowledgeable of a huge number of techniques relating to her calling. She is truly gifted in areas of perception, understanding, communication and application in relation to all areas of spiritual healing, holistic therapies and Celtic wisdom. The radiance of her loving nature is astounding, she really is the type of person you want to have faith in.

As a client of hers I have experienced her abilities to carry out her inter-dimensional work and spiritual connection, my experience has been both fulfilling and profound. I have been so impressed that I have referred patients of mine to her and the feedback from them has been astounding and amazing to the point that their transformation has been life changing.

I have no hesitation in referring people to her, I know they will be looked after with love and dedication.

Thank you Mariel, for being you.

Dr. Glenn Worthington-Eyre D.C. (Chiropractor)

I have known Mariel Forde Clarke as a teacher and Spiritual Counsellor for many years.

It’s been very special for me to experience the overwhelming healing power that her workshops bring to the individual.

Mariel has a unique style of relating that encourages openness and sharing in a holistic manner.

Many of my referrals to Mariel have turned their lives around because of her authentic goodness.   She is a very special lady.”


Dave Barry, Counsellor and Psychotherapist (IACP), Certified SHEN Therapist (ISTA) and Pranic Psychotherapist.

Mariel Forde Clarke is an incredibly gifted, knowledgeable and powerful healer who is grounded in honesty, integrity and authenticity. Her ability to engage and connect with people on a very meaningful level is a rare talent. Mariel’s genuine interest and care for all she works with is unique. Mariel is a rare gem and an absolute pleasure to encounter”.


 – Olivia O’ Reilly, Business Consultant

Mariel Forde Clarke is an Important teacher and wonderful healer bearing a valuable message about the power of the Soul. Mariel’s knowledge and wisdoms has deeply influenced my life on a personal level. It’s a privilege to know her.

Dr . Flory Daniels. Consultant Medical Physician.

In many ways death is still a taboo theme. Also grief and sorrow.

This book examines the phenomenon of life after death, near-death experiences that embody an overwhelming feeling of bliss, freedom, joy, freedom, perfect health etc., a presence, being held in an eternal embrace where only pure love survives.

The author also discusses other phenomenon, such as out-of-body experiences, life after physical death, journey of the soul, the afterlife, suicide, reincarnation and many more interrelated topics.

Most chapters contain exercises, intended to bring us closer to the world of spirit in a gentle and safe way.

Very useful, inspiring and healing guide full of hope, which offers a new way of thinking about death with scientific evidence to support an afterlife.

Mana M (Reviewer) has just reviewed Where After.

Do our loved ones go on to have a beautiful existence or something else? This book looks at the thoughts that all of us have or will have if we lose someone we care about. Or wonder what will happen to us at death.Engaging and uplifting this book gives a thoughtful and descriptive story that takes the subject to a new level. I felt better after reading this and also lookf forward to seeing my loved ones again.

Patrick Carmen (Reviewer) has just reviewed Where After.

This book focuses on a word that most of us try to avoid: death. We want to hide from it but we can’t.

Sometimes it takes an unexplainable event in one’s life to make a reader want to reach out for a book like this. That’s what happened to me, anyway, as a young teenager when I read as many publications as I could trying to figure out in the late 60s what was relatively unheard of at the time. Now there’s several books available on the afterlife. This book didn’t necessarily reveal anything new to me. But it was written clearly with informative medical reports, quotes and stories of near-death experiences from various people. I have found that most books take a look at some aspects of the afterlife. This one went from A to Z covering enough to make more sense of this challenging subject.

There are three parts: fear of death, navigating the uncharted waters of grief and finally the keys to inner peace and freedom with love and forgiveness. It’s one of the few books I have read which addresses topics such as the silver cord, the affects of death on children and sadly: suicide.

This is one that I will certainly want to put on my shelf when it’s released in September, 2021. It’s great for future reference, quotes and a meditation at the end. For those that want to learn more, there’s an extensive list of recent publications, scientists with their works and “all things paranormal” as well.

My thanks to Mariel Forde Clarke, the publisher and to NetGallery for allowing me to read this advanced copy.

Jackie Sunday (Reviewer) has just reviewed Where After.

Where After is a book that tackles a question that many people fear or have great concern about: where do we go after we die? That is what intrigued me and drew me into this book. What could the author share about this, since it’s a seemingly unknowable topic to those of us still here on earth.
The book is broken into parts, including fear of death, navigating grief, and keys to inner peace through love & forgiveness. Each part includes many informative sections on the topic, and it is all presented in a very approachable and understandable way. As someone who nearly died after a car accident many years ago, I have had lots of questions about life and death. This is another thing that made this book appeal to me.
There are plenty of quotes, stories from those who have had near death experiences, and includes information on scientists who have studied what happens after death. This book means to inform, and make the topic of death a bit less intimidating. It isn’t an escapist book, but here for those who want to dive into the topic and seek to ease some fears and increase understanding.

Kristina Brown (Reviewer) has just reviewed Where After

I read this in a day. Having recently lost a loved one it seemed that I was meant to read this book. Whilst it is titled ‘Where After – where do our loved ones goes after they die’ this is not just a gathering of evidence for an afterlife. That is covered very convincingly in here. There is a very detailed gathering of evidence for near death experiences, out of body experiences, reincarnation and after death communication which is very convincing. Although there was little new to me in this section. This book is more a gentle guide through the grieving process and offers plenty of comfort, reassurance and self help strategies to cope with a loss. The book is said to be split into three parts. Personally, I think it should have been divided into four. The first is described as ‘Fear of Death’. This covers evidence for the existence of the soul and of an afterlife. The second section is ‘Navigating up chartered waters of grief’. This is very helpful if you have lost a loved one or want to help someone who has had a loss. Specialist chapters cover subjects such as how to help children to grieve or how to deal with a suicide. Also various exercises are given to help you and others move through the process of grief. The third chapter covers ‘Love and Forgiveness – keys to inner peace and freedom’ . This chapter gives some amazing examples, which I was already familiar with of people who have found inner peace by forgiving those who have harmed them or caused them severe distress in the past. It also covers self forgiveness and how to gain acceptance of a loss. Again exercises are given to help achieve this. This also includes a very moving meditation, in which It helps guide you to reconnect with a lost loved one. I felt this was so important it should really be given a chapter heading of its own as it is so cathartic and healing.
All in all I thought this was a very well written, researched book which came to me just when I needed it, although I found the title a little misleading. This is far more than just being a book about evidence for an afterlife.

Georgia Scott (Reviewer) has just reviewed Where After.

Simply fantastic. The first book I have read that touched on the afterlife – poignant to me since losing my brother recently – and it was just wonderful. Well written, easy reading, I found myself having to slow down and savor it. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and experiences!

~ Stephanie Lairson (Reviewer), NetGalley

Soulful information, clearly researched & lived experiences. “Where after” is not a book to be read once and put on a shelf. I appreciated the opportunity to read, the threads of Mariel Forde Clarke’s book have been helpful to me as recent as today, having just attended a funeral, many parts of her book remain spinning in my head while I process various wisdom’s and beliefs. “Where after “ has found a spot on my nightstand to re-read, reflect on.

~ Pam Reiss (Reviewer), NetGalley

I am always a little skeptical when reading books about the afterlife. I am a believer, but feel many books merely regurgitate what’s been said before. But not this book. Mariel uses her experiences as a spirit midwife and knowledge she has gained from thorough research to share her perspective on the afterlife. I have done lots of reading on this topic and was amazed at all the new insights and resources Mariel was able to share. I really enjoyed this book and was more enlightened for having read it.

~ Maria Monte (Reviewer), NetGalley

This is an excellent book which contains knowledge drawn from many resources. The author shares her own personal experiences with accompanying people on their final journey at the end of life, and these stories were very touching. Many books are listed by name and the contents are described so the reader can seek further information if they are so inclined. Every topic is covered from near-death-experiences and out-of-body-experiences to reincarnation, suicide, and much more! I strongly recommend this book to those who have lost a loved one or are simply pondering the afterlife and what it will be like.

~ Alexis Croasdale (Reviewer), NetGalley

Reading this interesting book was like being with a knowledgeable friend taking you by the hand into the realm of NDE, grief, past life regression, and the afterlife. Mariel supports her findings with testimonials, from doctors, surgeons, nurses and with the consent of her patients, their personal stories. There is no wafffle is this book, it is authentically written and easy to get addicted too. I would recommend this supportive book to anyone: with a curiosity for the unknown, grieving or anyone wanting to live a more meaningful life. The quotes sprinkled throughout the chapters were appropriately place and added value and substance to that particular sub-topic. I hope you enjoy this book as I believe it has positively added to wealth of knowledge out there in this field. I look forward to its formal publication, so I can recommend to others and to any follow-up books written by Mariel Forde Clarke. I hope her website will be updated to display her new offerings.

~ K Malamatenios (Reviewer), NetGalley

Where After endorsement I have written:
This is an important book. It deals with a difficult subject with great sensitivity and humanity. It will be an invaluable help to those of us struggling to make sense of our own  numbness and heartache after the loss of a loved one and for those preparing to say their last goodbye.

Dr John Scally
Lecturer in Theology, Trinity College, Dublin.

~ Dr. John Scally, Email from Dr. John Scally

David Lorimer, who is the editor of ‘Paradigm Explorer’, the Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network (www.scimednet.org). Many book reviews appear in this journal which is published three times a year. David has outlined he will review “Where After” in the April 2021 edition.

David “I see it is coming out in August so I will cover it in the issue in April”.
Warm good wishes

David Lorimer

Programme Director
Editor, Paradigm Explorer


~ David Lorimer, Email from David Lorimer

Endorsements – Mariel’s Book – “Where After”.

‘Where After’, Here, for now, is my endorsement:

I picked it up to take a closer look, and soon found myself reading on, turning the pages in delight, right to the end

“Tenderly written, Where After offers a shining bright beacon of comfort and hope to all those facing the twin prospects of death and bereavement, including uniquely sensitive and wise advice regarding children, and much more.
This splendidly resourceful book is an absolutely real treasure.” .

~ Dr. Larry Culliford, Email from Dr. Larry Culliford

Author of Love, Healing & Happiness, Much Ado about Something, and, The Big Book of Wisdom.

Where After by Mariel Forde Clarke


When I first began to research the evidence for consciousness after physical death over 45 years ago, I wanted to know what death could teach us about life and living by enlarging the context of my understanding of reality. In asking the question where do I loved ones go after they die, Mariel shares her journey with a remarkable depth of compassion and insight, drawing on the full range of research evidence going back as far as Swedenborg while matching this with her own experiences and those of her family and clients. She transforms her suffering in an alchemical process of forgiveness, and shows us how we can do the same. The three main parts of the book address the fear of death, navigating grief, and love and forgiveness as the keys to inner peace and freedom. The short sections review the literature while illustrating important points with significant personal experiences. Mariel’s living relationship with the invisible world comes across very clearly throughout the book as she weaves multiple threads and narratives into a systemic understanding of life and death. Her father dramatically comforts and rescues her from the other side on two occasions, while she has also been witness to transitions and has averted potential suicides by uncovering the hidden dynamics, often relating to a trauma from life in another time and place.

At a time when there is so much ignorance and fear around the nature of death, this book is a treasure trove anchored in authentic experience that can speak powerfully to our condition without shying away from life’s challenges while also offering a wealth of practical advice. Everyone who as a deep encounter with the material described here comes to the conclusion that the essence of life is Love in a cosmic sense: ‘Love holds everything in the universe together. Love is the language that speaks within the heart; it is the centre of the universe. Love is the universal key that opens the gateway to our immortality.’ (p. 21) ‘Nothing exists without love and nothing is healed without forgiveness… Love was in me and I was in it. I was one with all of creation. Love is a powerful force that can penetrate any of life’s great challenges… Love is a gift that can heal the world if only people would open their hearts to replace all wars, fears, violence, angers, control and greed, and use the power of love to bring ultimate peace to the earth.’ (p. 146) ‘Love is the most powerful energy on the planet. Humans thrive on love, plants grow with love, water responds to love and negativity is dissolved with love.’ (p. 149) Hardly less powerful is forgiveness, in itself a capacity of love and of which Mariel gives a number of potent examples. This also enables us to let go and helps us remember to live in the present and be grateful for the many opportunities offered by life. I strongly commend this beautiful, wise, touching and profound book as a companion on your journey.

~ David Lorimer

Programme Director

Editor, Paradigm Explorer

A suggested Endorsement (for back cover of book) from Pierre Pradervand

In this book Mariel addresses one of the most fundamental questions of our existence “Where do our loved ones go After they die”? This book will transform even the deepest skeptic as she brilliantly illuminates a variety of extraordinary experiences gleaned from personal stories, scientific research and undisputable medical evidence. This is a fascinating read and one that will allow the reader to explore a reality of truth that is far beyond our physical understanding. This book is divinely inspired and answers many of the questions you ever needed to know and death and the immortality of the soul. 

Pierre Pradervand
Author of The Gentle Art of Blessing

You have within your hands an exceptional, deeply healing book which I trust will touch many far and wide.

The whole book is imbued with a deep love and gentle compassion which reflect the very essence of its author who could not write the way she does unless she lived it. She really walks her talk. It is from A to Z entirely based on the lived professional and personal experiences of Mariel, which is one of its main strengths. For in our world, there is such a great deal of speculation and theorising about the afterlife. But here, no abstract musings – just the real thing if I may say. Which is one of the main strengths of her message. The book is also the result of an intense and deeply sincere search for truth. As Mariel herself writes, « My faith in God has always been unshakeable, but unless I’ve seen, touched, felt and experienced the details about how the whole creation of His works, I take absolutely nothing for granted and keep digging for answers. » What integrity in such an approach – an integrity which pervades the whole book. And how reassuring for the reader: no fluffy musings in these pages, just authentic real life experiences.

The book replies in a simple and very direct manner to most of the questions people have concerning the afterlife and contacts with those who have passed on: are they really possible; is it not some figment of the imagination? For me, who had imagined that I was not a certified ignoramus on these questions, it was a profound and exciting learning experience. 

Above all, the book is incredibly comforting and reassuring. It is from the first to the last page infused with the profound and powerful sense that, yes, we do live in an incredibly benevolent universe. That the Godhead (and you will put behind that term the words that have true significance for you: Infinite love, the Source, whatever) wants our well-being more than we could wish it for ourselves. That it protects and guides us whatever the apparent material picture, e.g. that of close relatives of friends who have left us via traumatic or disturbing events. This reassurance percolates gently through practically every page of the book and leaves the reader with a sense of deep wonder and gratitude: can it really be true that we live in such a fabulous universe? Yes, replies the author with an authority which undergirds the whole book.

An important section – important for a culture so immersed in the scientific approach to reality as ours – is the section on scientific evidence which upholds the phenomenon of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and especially the afterlife. And once more, you will never find any abstract theorising, just one concrete example after the other, many of them experiences by the author or of one of the persons she was assisting in the grieving process.

Personally, the section that touched me most was the one on suicide. For a country like Ireland from which the author stems and where, due to the dominant religious teaching, those who depart via suicide are cruelly rejected and condemned, how comforting for those they leave behind to discover that on the other side there is not the slightest stigma or condemnation of the departed, but that they are welcomed with rejoicing, unconditional love and the deepest compassion. It is so deeply healing (as the whole message of these pages). You will find an especially moving and helpful passage on how to be with loved ones when someone has committed suicide. This section is not only psychologically grounded but equally metaphysically very sound. Too often family and friends torture themselves with thoughts such as « if only I had done (not done) this… » and similar ones. As Mariel writes, « I want you to know that self-blame is never the answer and never justified. No matter how you tried to protect and shield your loved one – you could not have prevented the outcome. You were limited in what you could do to prevent/stop the suicide from occurring.

No suicide is ever the fault of another nor is the fault of the victim either. Instead, see the fault as belonging to a range of other factors that create the potential for suicide, mental illness, society, environment, conditioning, bullying, sexual orientation, depression, financial losses, academic pressures and many more to name a few. »

Reading this section made me think of an amazing statement I read many years ago by Ann Napier, at the time the chief editor of the British literary magazine Cygnus:

« Seen from the eternal heart of the universe,

– all your choices are right choices

– all your faltering are advantages

– and you never did anything wrong. »

Another section that touched me deeply was the whole section on forgiveness. As one who has been running self-development workshops for close to 30 years, I believe that, with love, forgiveness is the most important spiritual/psychological dimension of life that exists. How many lives are stunted by the inability to forgive. Mariel gives the most powerful example of forgiveness I have ever come across in over 80 years of walking this planet, i.e. the story of the polish lawyer who forgave the Nazis who gunned down his wife and five children in front of his eyes. At that moment, he explains he had to decide between hatred and love, and he opted for the latter because, as a lawyer, he had too often seen what hatred can do to destroy people. He survived six years in Auschwitz in perfect health because he had decided to love every single person he met – which he did. 

I was personally deeply moved by the case story Mariel gives of Gregory who had carefully planned his suicide and fascinated by the amazing way she worked with him. In this respect, Mariel’s sharing helps one to understand the numerous failures of modern psychiatry and a great deal of psychotherapy. One can easily imagine how a psychiatrist might have tried to handle Gregory’s situation, completely missing the point. As a matter of fact, one cannot help wishing that Mariel’s book were on the compulsory reading list of the students of all departments of psychiatry, so important it is to understand why psychiatry cannot heal many cases, as it is trying to approach situations with a tool that by definition cannot function.

The most powerful aspect of this book for me is that it is written entirely from the heart. Heart energy imbues its’ every page, yea, its’ every word. This is one of the reasons it is so easy to read, and so comforting, and also no doubt why we accept without questioning statements which written with a purely intellectual approach would leave one deeply sceptical. 

And all through the book, you will find numerous very helpful exercises the reader can start practising on the spot, like the most moving one on the preciousness of your human life.

I wish to conclude this forward by quoting the author who writes: « To those reading this book, I hope I have shone a light into the great unknown and given a glimpse of the eternal truth that fills this universe and embraces all living beings: that life is eternal. Release your fear of death and embrace the awesome possibilities that an afterlife awaits you. Remember it is love – not religion – which generates spiritual growth. Love is the creative source of the Universe. Indeed, divinity is love. It is through divinity that all things come into being and that all life has purpose.

Divinity created you and everything that ever existed – and proclaimed it good. Love is the powerful and constant source of energy that is available to you every moment of every second without fail. …

Choose wisely how to live each and every moment… Trust that whatever you do to make a difference will add significantly to your evolving soul, and when it is your time to return home to the heart of God/creator you can do so without fear resulting in the most heavenly reunion. May you look at the process of death with renewed joy and hope in the knowing that beyond the veil of death a majestic and beautiful love awaits you. »

Thank you, Mariel, for this infinitely precious gift you have made to the world.

Pierre Pradervand
Author of The Gentle Art of Blessing

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