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In many ways death is still a taboo theme. Also grief and sorrow.

This book examines the phenomenon of life after death, near-death experiences that embody an overwhelming feeling of bliss, freedom, joy, freedom, perfect health etc., a presence, being held in an eternal embrace where only pure love survives.

The author also discusses other phenomenon, such as out-of-body experiences, life after physical death, journey of the soul, the afterlife, suicide, reincarnation and many more interrelated topics.

Most chapters contain exercises, intended to bring us closer to the world of spirit in a gentle and safe way.

Very useful, inspiring and healing guide full of hope, which offers a new way of thinking about death with scientific evidence to support an afterlife.

Mana M (Reviewer), NetGalley

Do our loved ones go on to have a beautiful existence or something else? This book looks at the thoughts that all of us have or will have if we lose someone we care about. Or wonder what will happen to us at death.Engaging and uplifting this book gives a thoughtful and descriptive story that takes the subject to a new level. I felt better after reading this and also lookf forward to seeing my loved ones again.

Patrick Carmen (Reviewer) has just reviewed Where After.

This book focuses on a word that most of us try to avoid: death. We want to hide from it but we can’t.

Sometimes it takes an unexplainable event in one’s life to make a reader want to reach out for a book like this. That’s what happened to me, anyway, as a young teenager when I read as many publications as I could trying to figure out in the late 60s what was relatively unheard of at the time. Now there’s several books available on the afterlife. This book didn’t necessarily reveal anything new to me. But it was written clearly with informative medical reports, quotes and stories of near-death experiences from various people. I have found that most books take a look at some aspects of the afterlife. This one went from A to Z covering enough to make more sense of this challenging subject.

There are three parts: fear of death, navigating the uncharted waters of grief and finally the keys to inner peace and freedom with love and forgiveness. It’s one of the few books I have read which addresses topics such as the silver cord, the affects of death on children and sadly: suicide.

This is one that I will certainly want to put on my shelf when it’s released in September, 2021. It’s great for future reference, quotes and a meditation at the end. For those that want to learn more, there’s an extensive list of recent publications, scientists with their works and “all things paranormal” as well.

My thanks to Mariel Forde Clarke, the publisher and to NetGallery for allowing me to read this advanced copy.

Jackie Sunday (Reviewer), NetGalley

Where After is a book that tackles a question that many people fear or have great concern about: where do we go after we die? That is what intrigued me and drew me into this book. What could the author share about this, since it’s a seemingly unknowable topic to those of us still here on earth.
The book is broken into parts, including fear of death, navigating grief, and keys to inner peace through love & forgiveness. Each part includes many informative sections on the topic, and it is all presented in a very approachable and understandable way. As someone who nearly died after a car accident many years ago, I have had lots of questions about life and death. This is another thing that made this book appeal to me.
There are plenty of quotes, stories from those who have had near death experiences, and includes information on scientists who have studied what happens after death. This book means to inform, and make the topic of death a bit less intimidating. It isn’t an escapist book, but here for those who want to dive into the topic and seek to ease some fears and increase understanding.

Kristina Brown (Reviewer), NetGalley

I read this in a day. Having recently lost a loved one it seemed that I was meant to read this book. Whilst it is titled ‘Where After – where do our loved ones goes after they die’ this is not just a gathering of evidence for an afterlife. That is covered very convincingly in here. There is a very detailed gathering of evidence for near death experiences, out of body experiences, reincarnation and after death communication which is very convincing. Although there was little new to me in this section. This book is more a gentle guide through the grieving process and offers plenty of comfort, reassurance and self help strategies to cope with a loss. The book is said to be split into three parts. Personally, I think it should have been divided into four. The first is described as ‘Fear of Death’. This covers evidence for the existence of the soul and of an afterlife. The second section is ‘Navigating up chartered waters of grief’. This is very helpful if you have lost a loved one or want to help someone who has had a loss. Specialist chapters cover subjects such as how to help children to grieve or how to deal with a suicide. Also various exercises are given to help you and others move through the process of grief. The third chapter covers ‘Love and Forgiveness – keys to inner peace and freedom’ . This chapter gives some amazing examples, which I was already familiar with of people who have found inner peace by forgiving those who have harmed them or caused them severe distress in the past. It also covers self forgiveness and how to gain acceptance of a loss. Again exercises are given to help achieve this. This also includes a very moving meditation, in which It helps guide you to reconnect with a lost loved one. I felt this was so important it should really be given a chapter heading of its own as it is so cathartic and healing.
All in all I thought this was a very well written, researched book which came to me just when I needed it, although I found the title a little misleading. This is far more than just being a book about evidence for an afterlife.

Georgia Scott (Reviewer), NetGalley

Simply fantastic. The first book I have read that touched on the afterlife – poignant to me since losing my brother recently – and it was just wonderful. Well written, easy reading, I found myself having to slow down and savor it. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and experiences!

~ Stephanie Lairson (Reviewer), NetGalley

This is an excellent book which contains knowledge drawn from many resources. The author shares her own personal experiences with accompanying people on their final journey at the end of life, and these stories were very touching. Many books are listed by name and the contents are described so the reader can seek further information if they are so inclined. Every topic is covered from near-death-experiences and out-of-body-experiences to reincarnation, suicide, and much more! I strongly recommend this book to those who have lost a loved one or are simply pondering the afterlife and what it will be like.

~ Alexis Croasdale (Reviewer), NetGalley

Reading this interesting book was like being with a knowledgeable friend taking you by the hand into the realm of NDE, grief, past life regression, and the afterlife. Mariel supports her findings with testimonials, from doctors, surgeons, nurses and with the consent of her patients, their personal stories. There is no wafffle is this book, it is authentically written and easy to get addicted too. I would recommend this supportive book to anyone: with a curiosity for the unknown, grieving or anyone wanting to live a more meaningful life. The quotes sprinkled throughout the chapters were appropriately place and added value and substance to that particular sub-topic. I hope you enjoy this book as I believe it has positively added to wealth of knowledge out there in this field. I look forward to its formal publication, so I can recommend to others and to any follow-up books written by Mariel Forde Clarke. I hope her website will be updated to display her new offerings.

~ K Malamatenios (Reviewer), NetGalley

Soulful information, clearly researched & lived experiences. “Where after” is not a book to be read once and put on a shelf. I appreciated the opportunity to read, the threads of Mariel Forde Clarke’s book have been helpful to me as recent as today, having just attended a funeral, many parts of her book remain spinning in my head while I process various wisdom’s and beliefs. “Where after “ has found a spot on my nightstand to re-read, reflect on.

~ Pam Reiss (Reviewer), NetGalley

I am always a little skeptical when reading books about the afterlife. I am a believer, but feel many books merely regurgitate what’s been said before. But not this book. Mariel uses her experiences as a spirit midwife and knowledge she has gained from thorough research to share her perspective on the afterlife. I have done lots of reading on this topic and was amazed at all the new insights and resources Mariel was able to share. I really enjoyed this book and was more enlightened for having read it.

~ Maria Monte (Reviewer), NetGalley

This book goes in depth with stories from people who have come close to death. I enjoyed reading it and appreciate that the author offered so much hope for those of us who have recently lost a loved one.

~ Karen Opper (Reviewer), NetGalley

I would never consider myself a reader however after my sister losing her battle with mental Heath my mother bought me this book Where After. I thought this book was so honest the way it’s written, I couldn’t put it down. The understanding of grief Mariel has is just perfect. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it out loud and said that’s exactly how I feel, it’s very strange for someone to write feelings and emotions down and to have a method on how to deal with them. I’ve learned even when I’ve been overcome with sadness and the terrifying act in which my beautiful sister died, their will be light and hope and Beauty in my world.. this book put pieces back in place where I smashed them for that I want to thank you Mariel

~ Stephanie Blake (Reviewer)

I read Mariel’s book Where After during a period of resounding grief for my sister. It remains the only text to have truly clarified, firstly the experience of the moment of passing and also the spirt world our loved ones go to. Knowing what Mariel has thought me has given me the courage and indeed the strength to know, truly in my heart that my sister lives on in bliss and peace. I know this to be as true as the sky is blue. This is because of Mariel’s book. It should be required reading in any grief councelling course. Truly inspiring work.

~ Jackie Blake (Reviewer)

Mariel is a gift from heaven. Of this I have no doubt. I read her book from cover to cover over the course of a few days. Even now, the book is never far away. It is left on my kitchen table and I regularly refer to it. My daughter died by suicide last year and this book, together with counselling has reframed my thinking in a way I never thought possible. Where After is brimming with kindness and compassion. It illustrates a spiritual world filled with love and peace. The language in the book is accessible and quite beautiful. Quite simply, this book has been my torch through dark days and it has taught me the worth of self compassion and kindness. In writing this book Mariel has released a great gift out into the world and for that I am very grateful.

~ Christina Blake (Reviewer)

I found this book an interesting read. The topic of life after death has always intrigued me. I really enjoyed this book. Thank you.

~ Leanne Pawley (Educator), NetGalley

This insightful book Where After offers the suicide bereaved consolation, hope, and a sense of peace.

The author, Mariel Forde Clarke, appeals to them not to blame or torture themselves with feelings of responsibility or guilt. She says their loved ones were met by a loving presence on the other side and are now free from pain.

This reassurance is a wonderful gift to those trying to come to terms with unanswered questions, often feelings of guilt, and most of all, overwhelming grief.

This book will help you recover and heal, particularly if you are mourning the loss of someone who took their own life.

~ Mary O'Connor (Reviewer)

Journalist, Galway Advertiser Newspaper

While the theme of Mariel’s book may not be your average Summer read, it should be. The subject matter, where do our loved ones go after they die? is one we will all have to ask ourselves at one time or another, as grief & loss is a painful part of life that affects us all. Mariel’s book is thought provoking, sensitive, personal & insightful. I struggled for many years after my beloved father’s death & upon reading this book and completing the exercises & mediations it helped me navigate my grief to a place of calm where peace enveloped me. I would highly recommend everyone read this book.

~ Patricia Creaven (Reviewer)

Special Olympics Coach Ireland

Where After? A beautifully written book by Mariel Forde Clarke. If only this book had been available when my sister died by suicide. Mariel’s interpretation of navigating the uncharted waters of grief is excellent and I would recommend anyone who has lost a loved one buy this book. If I had known what to expect following her suicide, I would have fully understood what I was going through, the denial, the anger, the bargaining, depression and acceptance. No one ever tells you what to expect because they don’t want to talk about suicide unless they have experience of suicide themselves.
Mariel’s says “if your loved one ended his/her life by suicide, trust that he/she is now free of pain and limitations that held them captive”, acceptance for me comes through healing and what has helped me is the exercise: creating a sacred heartlink to connect with my sister as outlined in Mariel’s book. Thank you Mariel for writing this very special book

~ Cathy F. (Reviewer)

This is a deep, intense read but very enlightening. Its not a book you can read through in one sitting as there is so much to contemplate. Part One talks about about NDEs, OBEs, visits to and from the other side. It tells of life everlasting. Part Two is a wonderful section on dealing with children’s grief, dealing with the loss of a child and dealing with suicide. This is a very, very comforting section. Part Three shows how to move beyond the pain of grief and find peace through love and forgiveness. But for me the overwhelming message of this book is that we will see our loved ones again as death is not the end because love is everlasting.

~ Cee Zee (Reviewer), NetGalley

Death is inevitable, but many of us avoid the idea of facing our mortality. This is primarily due to our fear of death, the fear of the unknown. Where do our loved ones go after they die? This insightful book, which resulted from a sincere search for truth, covers a diverse range of important subject areas relating to dying. With scientific evidence to support an afterlife. The entire book is infused with deep love and gentle compassion and offers us the reassurance that life goes on, even without the ‘coat’ of the physical body. May this book shines a light of hope into the hearts and minds of its readers.

~ Esther Haasnoot (Reviewer), Global Heart

Where After, by Mariel Forde Clarke’s book was truly a joy to read. It
is extremely well written, filled with quality research, and covers a
broad range of topics. Beyond that, Mariel’s warmth and love shine
through every page. She has covered a wide range of topics from
deathbed visitations, near-death experiences, all interspersed with
practical suggestions on how to bring love and happiness into one’s
life. Throughout the book, she opened herself up to us through the
personal stories relevant to the topic. Thank you, Mariel, it was a
delight reading your book and I rate this book at the top. Five stars

~ Lynn K. Russell (Reviewer)

Author of The Wonder of You, What the Near-Death Experiences Tells You About Yourself.

WHERE AFTER is a book written from the heart and made yet more powerful with quotes from and references to scholarly works, psychiatrists, physicists and poets as well as evocative true stories. I would highly recommend this to anyone questioning “Is there life after death?” or wondering how to help children grieve the loss of a loved one, or looking for healing ways to confront their own grieving. With full confidence that we all have the inner resources to be in contact with those who have passed on the author also generously gives a guided meditation to help with that subtle, awe-inspiring connection

~ Emma Bragdon

Foundation for Energy Therapies

An inherently fascinating, impressively informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking read throughout, “Where After: Where Do Our Loved Ones Go After They Die?” is a unique, extraordinary, and highly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, seminary, college, and university library Metaphysical Studies collections.

~ Six Degrees Entertainment (Reviewer)

An inherently fascinating, impressively informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking read throughout, “Where After: Where Do Our Loved Ones Go After They Die?” is a unique, extraordinary, and highly recommended addition to personal, professional, community, seminary, college, and university library Metaphysical Studies collections.

~ Margaret Lane (Reviewer), Mid West Book

Simply put, Where After: Where Do Our Loved Ones Go After They Die? is a journey that will compel readers to view life after death in a completely different way.

From beginning to end, here After: Where Do Our Loved Ones Go After They Die? shares not only the human stages of grief in such a way as to allow you to open up your mind more to the possibilities within our own psyche, but also provides powerful affirmations.

Complete with most chapters also showcasing exercises intended to bring you closer to the world of spirit, in a calming, gentle way, it is obvious that Forde Clarke wrote this book to convey a new approach to thinking about death.

Interjected with scientific evidence to support the theory of an afterlife and to enrich the inner sweetness of our souls along the way, I simply cannot recommend this book highly enough.

For it is, quite easily, one of the best books written on the subject that I have personally read within the past few decades.

~ Exclusive Magazine (Reviewer)