Size A4, Typed On parchment Paper with a personal note from the author.

These inspirational scrolls are personally written and divinely guided.

The energy and essence of Spirit will over light each request in the wording that is best suited to each situation.

When you email, I ask that you are open and honest with me about what is happening for you at that particular moment. Is it an illness, a relationship problem, the loss of a loved one, fear of certain situations, feeling unloved, unable to forgive, etc.

Having read your email, I will then sit and meditate on your request, and I will be guided by Spirit to write your personalised mantra, which will be imbued with heavenly love. Repeat the personalised Mantra throughout the day and believe the healing power of these words.

Place the mantra in a space in your home, office or garden, somewhere special where you feel you can sit for a few moments and read and welcome the energy of the mantra.

Other personal prayers or blessings are written in celebration of events, births, birthdays, engagements, weddings, graduations, new home, Immigration, travel, divorce, new love.                           

Sample request: I have been diagnosed with early dementia, can you please write me a mantra, so that I can recite it every day, in the hope of improving my memory and health.

Sample Mantra written for this lady to overcome her dementia.

I love you my body, you are God’s gift to me

I love you my every cell, you are so precious to me

All the cells of my brain are perfectly healthy whole and complete

All the cells of my mind are working in perfect balance and in Divine harmony

My mind and my memory are held safe and sacred within the mind of God

I am the power of my own mind and memory

I am the master of my mind

I bless my beautiful mind and memory in its perfect functioning, always

I bless you my mind as an Instrument of my Soul

I am blessed with ageless, timeless, youthful memory cells.

My mind and my memory are blessed as they merge together in the Oneness of God

Holding me fully aware and conscious on every level of my Being

All is well in my world. Thank you, God and so it is.