This workshop is based on the medical, scientific and spiritual research of many doctors, scientists and enlightened ones who supports – Life continues after death. 

This workshop delves deeply into the journey of the soul. Bodine defined the soul “as the spiritual part of us that never dies”. For years we have been wandering around in a daze striving to understand what is soul, where is it, does everyone have one, what does it look like?. My 25-year quest has been one of transformation and enlightenment. I feel both blessed and privileged to have studied under many enlightened beings who excel in this field including Deepak Chopra, Dr Brian Weiss, their knowledge and research have demystified the fear of death in the knowledge that the soul survives beyond physical death. The physical body is the vehicle that carries our souls throughout each lifetime. Our souls contain the Divine spark of Creator / God within each of us. It is that divine spark that gives us life. Without this, our souls are simply energy just as our bodies are empty shells without our souls.

Topics covered in these workshops include:

– Research findings into the Journey of the Soul – Reincarnation

– What happens at the moment of physical death

– The Law of Karma – The Sacred Contract

– Near Death – defined as a momentary brush with another reality

– Out of Body Experiences – Astral travel during dream or sleep state.

– Death the Gateway to New Life ( Mors Janua Vitae)