Diana Cooper is a world renowned lecturer and Spiritual teacher. She is the founder of the Diana Cooper Foundation that trains spiritual teachers worldwide. She specialises in esoteric subjects including angels, ascension and the lost civilizations of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis. Diana is the embodiment of pure unconditional love touching countless people through her workshops and spiritual practices. It is one of my greatest blessings to have studied under such an enlightened Being of light.

I am a qualified Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper Foundation – Ireland.  I have the pleasure of running these courses in the West of Ireland over the past few years. Teaching about Angels and Ascension is most rewarding and spiritually empowering. 

During this 21st Century we are been offered a huge opportunity to create a heaven on earth by living from the heart in cooperation with all of earths inhabitants.

Duration of Course: 60 hours:

Foundation and Angel modules. Ascension module 40 hours. Submission of Essays and course work throughout the training is set down by the ethics and guidelines of DCF England.

These teacher training programmes offer knowledge and skills that will empower you with confidence to develop and run your own workshops and classes.

Will show you how to connect with your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Master and use them as a gateway with gratitude and grace for the benefit of yourself and others.

Will provide you with powerful techniques through meditation /visualizations to transmute past / present pain energies and enhance your healing abilities with your loved ones, family, friends, workplace and community.

Topics Covered include:

– Lead a variety of meditations, visualisations and exercises

– Connect with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters

– Understand the Ascension process and how to ascend this lifetime

– Channel information with Angels and Ascended Masters

– Ascension Chambers and Archangel Retreat Homes

– Higher energies the Rays, Christed Mahatma Energy, Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame

– Clearing Karmic Debt

– Living in The Heart as a 5th Dimensional Master

– Raising The Christ Consciousness in Humanity

– Spiritual Laws that govern this Universe