You can’t Change what you Don’t Acknowledge.

You can’t Change what you Don’t Acknowledge

By Mariel Forde Clarke

4th October 2017

Life is most challenging and how you handle it will be determined on many of the values that were imposed upon you in earlier childhood. You don’t live, choose or manage your life in a vacuum. It happens in a context called “Life”. As clichéd as it may sound ‘life is a journey’ and with any other trips you may take, if you don’t have a map, a SatNav, you may get lost. On the other hand if you have a map chances are you will reach your destination.

Many spiritual laws govern our planet; in essence you and I are the masters of our own destiny. When you acknowledge and accept responsibility for your life, then you can make better choices which creates a more integrated and holistic you. When you acknowledge that you are responsible for your life, be it good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, happy or sad, fair or unjust – then and only then do you own your life. Remember you are not a victim of circumstances; you are only a victim if you allow yourself to be. Stop blaming everyone else for the situations in your life and know that when you acknowledge you have a problem, the solution to that problem lies within you.

Just for a moment imagine you present yourself to your doctor. You have been having headaches and feeling dizzy. If you don’t tell the doctor why you are there and only half tell him what is wrong, he could end up treating you for a sore knee because you didn’t acknowledge the presenting problem which was your headache. Because your doctor assumes that you are motivated to get better, he trusts that you will identify your own problem to him, so he’ll know how best to treat you.

No one’s life is too bad to fix and it’s never too late to fix it – Never. Take for example, if you are

Living in a loveless marriage and everyday you hope that tomorrow will be different

Living with a person within the family who is an alcoholic – all the family members know and acknowledge it, except the alcoholic

Living in fear and anxiety and somehow feeling that it’s all your fault

Living a lie and pretending you are the happiest person alive.

Living to make life easier for someone else, to the detriment of your own life.

I ask you to be honest about what needs fixing. Having a problem takes courage and strength to acknowledge it exists, failing to acknowledge it means it will only get worse until you take action. Part of the solution is to give yourself permission to be less than perfect. You must give yourself permission to have accumulated baggage over time, distorted thoughts from situations, feeling and emotions from experiences, but all of these are part of your journey.  However it is most important not to condemn yourself into thinking you are a bad person. Always remember you are a Divine Being of infinite love and light and part of Creator dwells within you. You are beautiful just as you are.

Affirmation to Acknowledge the Beauty in me.

Today I bless and approve of myself exactly as I am, I may not be perfect but in the sight of God I am his beloved child of this universe. Today I bless myself in all my imperfections in the knowing that they have moulded me into the evolving soul that I am. I am love, I am courage, I am strength, I am powerful beyond measure, all my problems contain solutions as they become healed within the heart of God.

Namaste beautiful soul light. Amen