Meditation on Raising the Consciousness of Humanity by Mariel Forde Clarke 31st August 2021

Dear mother / father God thank you for the many blessing in our lives as we begin to ground ourselves in the sacredness of the Divine. We ground ourselves with our feet to Mother Earth.

Divine Source thank you for the blessings in our lives this day and all of our many blessings. Thank you for the opportunity to be of Service in this lifetime, in the return of the Golden age, within these bodies
Surround us in a translucent bubble of golden light of protection, sealing in all positive energies and good health,  sealing out all unwanted energies, so that in this sacred space only energies for the highest order can enter.

We send this white light out to fill this body, fill this building, as it expands out to this city, this country. Visualise everyone upon this planet smiling as they are bathed in this heavenly light.
Now we connect in consciousness with all Beings who are deep in prayer and meditation at this time. We send the White Light out to all who are in need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing.
We send the white light to all animals, and people who are in search of a home place of rest, of nourishment and freedom.  Now as we connect in consciousness, we see all living beings smiling as they are been bathed in this white light.

We allow our vibrations now to lift higher and higher – as we ask Divine Source to cleanse our Auras – so that we can hold all of Creators love and Light. We give gratitude that this is a great and wonderous Shift in consciousness that is taking place on this planet at this time. We are honoured to be alive on this planet in this moment history.
We ask for blessings on all of those working to raise the consciousness of the earth. We ask for blessings on each one of us individually as we know that we must be vigilant in raising our own consciousness. Give us the strength and courage to master our minds and hold the light in Christ vibration. Assist us so that all our thoughts, words and actions come from the highest vibration of  love.

To those who have lost their way and cannot see the glorious light, we bless them. Those souls who are now rebelling against the Shift in human consciousness. We command under the law of grace that the Angels of the Light surround with love each and everyone of those rebelling souls on the planet. We ask the Angels of Light to shine their light so brightly on these rebelling souls – so that they may become illuminated. The impact of their thoughts, words and actions are seen, giving them the opportunity to turn towards the light – to let the light in through their eyes, voices, through their hearts.

We ask in the name of Creator and all that is Holy and good, that these Angels of the Light transmute these unwanted energies, allowing those rebelling souls to choose love, to choose to absorb the white light. To choose to be part of love, peace, compassion and forgiveness.

All of this we ask humbly and gratefully under the law of grace and under the free will of mankind. Give us the courage and arm us with love, to move forward through these transitioning times.  We will persist, we are warriors of the light, We are children of Creator, We are Eternal Souls.

Namaste dear Ones