Dear precious Souls upon sacred Mother Earth.

Today I open my heart to each and every one of you through the energy and essence of my unconditional love for you. Life can be most challenging and sometimes because of life’s circumstances, we get hurt and let down by the very person or persons in whom we have invested our time, energy and love.

What is life without love? Love is an energy which ignites the flame of passion and desires within our Being. Love heals, love transcends all boundaries, love is the gateway to the heart, love is the key to happiness, love breaths life into every fibre of our Being, love is the language of the soul, so for today let us open our hearts and allow love in.

If you have been hurt in life by someone in whom you have given your heart too,  please open your heart and allow love to find you again. If your heart has been wounded, bruised or rejected in life, give yourself time to heal.Sometimes life is teaching us a very valuable soul lesson, and when the lesson is mastered – we liberate the heart to freedom to love again.

I once had a wounded heart and promised myself that I would never open my heart to love again or be hurt again. With the passage of time, my heart did heal and I did open my heart to the most incredible real love. For those of you where love seems to have lost its magic, trust and believe that true love lies deep within the essence of who you truly are. You are deserving of the most beautiful love in your life, Know that love and appreciation of self, unlocks the potential of the true love that you seek.

Try this affirmation daily:
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I love and approve of myself as the Divine Being that I Am
I Am the love and light that I seek
I open my heart to allow love to flow to me and from me
I Am love , I Am light
I Am God’s beautiful creation
I love and approve of myself exactly as I Am.
Thank you and it is so (repeat 3 times)

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Namaste dear Ones