Manifestation is Our Divine Birthright – It is Encoded in Our 5th Dimensional Blueprint and it is time to Access it Now – Keywords – “Let Go and Let God

Some people have great difficulty in receiving compliment and then wonder why they have a hard time receiving the healing, money, love and happiness they truly desire. Perhaps we all block our ability to receive the gift of a compliment from time to time.

When friends tell you that you look great, do you smile, listen and thank them for noticing? Or do you resist compliments by disagreeing, and quickly change the subject. When someone thanks us for our contribution or support, we may respond by saying something like” it was nothing” instead or saying a simple “thank you”. Either way, we have effectively blocked the flow of love and prosperity that has been offered to us, and in doing so we have deprived both ourselves and the other person a valuable spiritual exchange that would have benefited all concerned.

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Under the Spiritual Laws of Manifestation and Abundance in cooperation with the Angels, all wish us to receive the love, prosperity and abundance that will nurture our souls and contribute to physical comfort. There is no blessing in starvation, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Divine prosperity in all its forms is always seeking us.

In fact, it takes a huge amount of energy to resist it. We may resist a compliment out of habit, or we may limit the flow of money into our lives because we secretly do not believe that we deserve it, or because we have never learned how to handle money properly and are afraid of it. These specific reasons for blocking the flow of abundance and prosperity are individual to us, perhaps the most damaging is the basic human fear of lack, or the belief that there is not enough to go around.

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Fear of lack creates desperation and our desperate energy stops us from being able to receive what we truly desire and need. It’s like putting up a shield that deflects abundance away from us. It is up to each of us individually to evolve beyond our fear of lack. In doing so, we help change the collective mind of humanity from Poverty Consciousness to Abundance Consciousness. Change yourself and you Change the World.

In order to be prosperous, we have to be able to allow money to flow in with love, and allow it to flow out with love. As we give so we receive. When we affirm with joy at the outflow, we are open to receiving the inflow.

The Law of Manifestation is simple. It says Ask, Believing and have total faith in your prayer been granted. The key is to have Complete Trust. Even a speck of doubt stops the vision becoming a reality. You are expected to Act as if you have already received it. This is the Test of Faith and Believe – Trust – Believe – Receive.

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Co-Creation – Spiritual Law
As sons and daughters of God, you were given Free Will and the power to manifest with your thoughts, words and deeds. Whatever you choose to think and believe will be backed by Cosmic Spiritual Law and be brought to life. Co-Creation is the power that can be used for good or evil. Many focus on dark, angry thoughts which co-create undesirable situation and relationships. It is never too late to focus your heart and mind on your vision for the highest good and for the planed.

Remember with Every Single Thought you Create Becomes a Reality”. You have an immense opportunity now to make something wonderful happen in your life and in your world. The Divine Universe will support and guide you under Spiritual Law
God’s Creation is and always has been perfect. Everything is held in the Divine Mind at all times as whole and complete

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Spiritual Law is Exact
The Universe provides mirrors for us to look int. look around you, and note the characters in your life. They are taking part in the play of our life for a reason. You attract people into your life for a particular reason. The vibration you emit is made up of your conscious and unconscious energy, some repellent, some magnetic, some neutral.
The underlying Law “ Like Attracts Like”

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Exercise to Manifest for your Highest Good
Decide on what you wish to make your life better. If you find yourself thinking of what you don’t want or that you do not deserve it, you sending out mixed messages to the Universe which automatically blocks your hopes and dreams.

Write down exactly what you wish to co-create. Make sure your every word is positive and in the present tense. The more clarity you have, the better. Remember to add at the end.

“Let this Manifest for my Highest Good – Under the Law of Grace – or allow something greater to Manifest and come to me. Thank you and it is so, so it is – So be it.

Then visualise if as if it has already come into your life. Remember the Universe is completely impartial. You can have whatever you believe you deserve. The only that prevents you from receiving all the abundance your heart desires – is your self believe – self doubt.

Thank the Angels as they shine their energy and Light on it
This ~Activates the Power of Faith

The more prepared you are mentally , emotionally, physically and spiritually to live your dream, the more quickly it will manifest in your life.

Hold the vision of having it – Sometime to chant the sacred OHM – breathes life into it.

Namaste beautiful soul light. Amen